A strong company rests on solid foundations

The Company

The members, the people

A dynamic company

ProdAl S.c.a r.l. is composed of: a shareholders’ assembly; a board of directors, whose members do not receive any fee for the role; an auditor. However, ProdAl mainly consists of people. Their experiences are combined to make ProdAl what it is today: a dynamic company always attentive and responsibe to the needs of its customers.

The shareholders

University of Salerno
University of Naples Federico II
University of Sannio
National Research Council
Experimental Station for the Food Canning Industry of Angri

The Board of Directors

Prof. Giovanna Ferrari, CEO
Prof. Gianpiero Pataro
Prof. Michele Miccio
Dr. Tiziano Baggio
Dr. Andrea Scaloni

The auditor

Dr. Gaetano D'Avanzo