Amino acid analyzer



The main components of the equipment are:

  • System for sample injection: 200 μl loop
  • Autosampler AS-MIDAS with 84 position carousel
  • Pumps: 2 alternative pumps (or piston pumps)
  • Cation exchange resin column (lithium)
  • Precolumn
  • Thermostat of the column with a temperature range from 20 to 99 °C
  • Photometric detector with a tungsten halogen lamp
  • Reaction coil.

The sample, containing a mixture of amino acids, is injected into a cation exchange resin column; eluents (buffer solutions at different pH and ionic strength) are pumped through the column separating the different amino acids based on the specific affinity with the mobile and stationary phases. The mixture of eluents and sample is reacted with ninhydrin in a specific reactor (coil) at high temperature. In the reactor the ninhydrin reacts with amino acids present in the eluate, forming a colored compound. The intensity of the produced colored compound (amino acid + ninhydrin) is directly proportional to the amount of amino acid present. From the reactor, the mixture of eluate/amino acids + ninhydrin is pushed toward the photometric detector, where each colored compound (amino acid + ninhydrin) is quantified by measuring the amount of light absorbed. The absorbance is measured at two wavelengths (570 and 440 nm), because some amino acids, linked with ninhydrin, absorb at 440 nm, while others absorb at 570 nm. The output signal from the photometer is sent to an integration system in order to quantify and/or identify the substances injected. All the operations described are carried out AUTOMATICALLY by Biochrom 30. 



Biochrom 30 is a tool dedicated to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of all amino acids of physiological interest in different application areas (Clinical Physiology, Food Substances and Animal Physiology, Food and Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Beverages).



Cation exchange chromatography with post-column derivatization using Ninhydrin coupled to a detection system (photometric detector).




Additional Info

  • Flow rate: 0,00 ÷ 10,00 ml/min
  • Maximum working pressure of the pump of the buffer: 145 bar
  • Maximum working pressure of the pump of the ninhydrin: 24 bar
  • Maximum working pressure of the coil: 12 bar
  • Reaction coil temperature: 40 ÷ 145 ° C
  • Location: Laboratory of physical characterization - ProdAl
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