Rotational rheometer



The rotational rheometer TA Instruments AR 2000 allows to perform rheological measurements ( steady-state viscosity, G' and G'' in oscillatory regime, stress relaxation) of fluids of interest for the chemical and food industry, using both cone-and-plate geometry that coaxial cylinder geometry. The system is constituted by:

  • Main body of rheometer, with motor and measuring system integrated with PC;
  • Plate and cone with Peltier element for measures over a temperature range of -20 °C to 200 °C with heating rate up to 20 °C/min;
  • Coaxial and concentric cylinders with Peltier element for measures over a temperature range of -10 °C to 150 °C with heating rate up to 15 °C/min;
  • Pressure cell for measurements under pressure up to 140 bar over a temperature range of -10 °C to 150 °C;
  • Cell for the measurement of gelatinization of starch pastes, during the cooking phase (heating rate up to 30 °C/min) with a stirrer to control mixing and sedimentation.




Rheological characterization of fluids, dispersions and polymers, to determine:

  • the properties in flow, during the phase of preparation, processing and packaging of foods;
  • the consistency of foodstuffs, correlated with the perception after consumption.



Measurement of rheological properties in steady state, dynamic and oscillatory regime.



Additional Info

  • Temperature range: -20 ÷ +200 °C
  • Torque range: 0,1*(10^-6) N•m – 200 mN•m
  • Inertia: 50*(10^-6) N•m•s2
  • Displacement resolution: 0,04*(10^-6) rad
  • Frequency range: 1,2•(10^-7) ÷ 100 Hz
  • Normal/axial force range: 0,01 ÷ 50 N
  • Location: Laboratory of physical characterization - ProdAl

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