The colorimeter is a tool that makes possible the simple and accurate quantification of the colors according to the international standards and expressed in defined color spaces.

Prodal has a Konica Minolta CR400 colorimeter, an instrument with high precision and extremely versatile for different applications.

The instrument consists of a measuring head, equipped with display, function keys and power supply, which can be used as a data processor or directly interfaced to the PC to run with a management software for data analysis. The pulsed xenon lamp and the dual-beam feedback system ensure uniform illumination of the sample for all measurements and the data can be calculated according to the CIELAB standard illuminant. The color space L* a* b* (also known as CIELAB) is currently one of the most common color spaces for color measurement of an object and is widely used in all fields. In this color space, L* indicates lightness and a* and b* chromaticity coordinates: +a* is the red direction, -a* is the green direction, +b* is the yellow direction and -b* is the blue direction.

For the determination of the chromatic parameters of a sample is sufficient to rest on the surface of the sample the measuring head in the vertical position and activate the light source. In few seconds you can read on the display of the measuring head or alternatively on the external data processor the estimated values of the chromatic parameters. The tool allows to express the color data according to the CIELAB standard, or select a different standard (Hunter Lab, Munsell and CIE).



Food and ingredients, building materials, medical and scientific applications.



Tristimulus colorimetry.




Additional Info

  • Measuring time: 1 s
  • Measurement area: Ø 8 mm / Ø 11 mm
  • Location: Laboratory of physical characterization - ProdAl
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