The organisation model


ProdAl acts by integrating the multidisciplinary competences of its human resources to support the agri-food enterprises through the whole productive chain.

The organisation model is able:

  • to overcome the fragmentation of the research groups acting in the agri-food field in Campania, showing the effectiveness of synergic and of multidisciplinary teams
  • to highlight the applicative potential of research carried out by research institutions
  • to build a stable network of competences acting by an effective system integration
  • to make the research results available for the productive chains to increase the quality and the  added value of the products
  • to answer to the explicitly and implicitly demand of transferable researchof the industrial system
  • to make a new institution consistent and able to manage wide innovative actions in the agri-food field
  • to educate professionals for the innovation management of the enterprises in different fields of the agri-food productive chain.

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