PEF School 2015




The project consortium identified 4 specific objectives overall approach to reach the goals of the VIPACFood project.




WP1 – Production of novel products and recovery of value added components from fruits and vegetables byproducts and algae biomass.


This WP is organized in the following tasks:


  1. Recovery of value-added components from tomato by-products;
  2. Inclusion of value-added fractions into food matrices (pasta, bread);
  3. Design and optimization of process conditions for semidry small-sized tomatoes and tomato chips;
  4. Determination of the antioxidant activity of by-products/waste of fruits and waste of agar-agar industry;
  5. Characterization of a typical marine biomass waste;
  6. Optimization and validation of an high performance liquid chromatographic method to determine antioxidant compounds responsible for the antioxidant capacity of the by-products/waste.




WP2 – Development of post-harvest technologies to improve shelf life and reduce spoilage for tomatoes and dry fatty foods.


This WP is organized in the following tasks:


  1. Development of novel films and coatings incorporating value-added components from fruits byproducts and algae waste for tomatoes;
  2. Development of combined treatments;
  3. Development of new active flexible films containing the extracted bioactive compounds.




WP3 – Impact of the proposed post-harvest technologies on the selected local products.


This WP is organized in the following tasks:


  1. Application of coatings with high mechanical, barrier, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, as coatings on tomatoes;
  2. Socio-economical impact of the proposed innovations;
  3. Scaling up of the most efficient method for the reduction of postharvest loss tomatoes;
  4. Evaluation of the oxidation status of a model food;
  5. Evaluation of migration/ diffusion of bioactive substances previously extracted and incorporated in coatings and packaging materials.




WP4 – Dissemination and exploitation of results.


The communication strategy chosen involves the implementation of a detailed plan of information and training aimed at the dissemination of project results in a logical replication and transfer of good practice..


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