Multidisciplinary approach, specific skills

R&D and Technology Transfer

R&D, a shared path

ProdAl, partner to innovate

ProdAl implements research and technology transfer projects with a multidisciplinary approach, ensured by the technical-scientific skills that operate within the different member structures.

The know-how related to the methodologies, processes, and operational protocols used to carry out the research activities is disseminated, if not in conflict with intellectual property agreements, by the ProdAl staff involved, through articles in national and international scientific journals as well as participation in events in Italy and abroad.

Step by step

ProdAl's model

The organizational model of ProdAl, which involves the integration of specific skills in the fields of agriculture, zootechnics, engineering, food technology, biology, chemistry, and economics, enables activities in support of agri-food companies throughout the entire supply chain.

This approach is reinforced by the international network with which ProdAl interacts contributing to the evolution of innovation and its implementation in the industrial field.

Research and technology transfer activities are carried out through three main channels …

... and respond to two basic needs.