The objective of the School is to offer to students, academic and industrial staff the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals of the technology of pulsed electric fields (PEF) for food processing, through theoretical lectures of the leading PEF experts and practical, hand-on experiences, with special focus on the implementation of the PEF treatments in pasteurization of liquid foods, enhanced mass transfer from vegetable tissues, and extraction of valuable compounds

The main strengths of the School are:

  • Providing the attendants with a timely update on the novel electroporation methods and protocols, thanks to the participation of the main research groups working with PEF worldwide;
  • Promoting the interaction between different research groups, facilitated by the simultaneous presence in the classrooms of leading experts in the world as well as young researchers wishing to make a contribution to the evolution of electroporation technologies and their application in research as well as in industrial world;
  • Active involvement of all research groups, participating in the COST action, in the organization of the School, which is held every year in a different country;
  • Supporting the cooperation between research and industry people, with the content of the courses being designed for both academic and industrial researchers.

The first edition of the School was organized in Spain in January 2014 ( by the research group "New Technologies for Food Processing and Preservation" at the University of Zaragoza.